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Toronto Buses Still Look Packed Even With The Stay-At-Home Order (PHOTOS)

One person says their early morning commute has become a "literal nightmare."
TTC Crowding Still Seems To Be A Problem Despite The Stay-At-Home (PHOTOS)

It seems essential workers and Toronto residents who rely on public transit are still dealing with overcrowding on the TTC.

People have taken to social media to express their concerns about the lack of physical distancing on city buses and call on the TTC to do more.

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Gaibrie Stephen, an E.R. doctor in Toronto, responded to a photo taken by commuter Rocco Signorile earlier this week and called on the TTC to add more buses to busy routes that essential workers need to use.

Another post on Reddit with over 200 comments drew connections between essential workers and packed transit, saying that even at 5 a.m., delays have turned their morning commute "from frustrating to literal nightmares."

"The TTC continues to monitor bus passenger levels in real-time and deploy service where and when it is most needed as best we can," said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green to Narcity.

"We also know that 95 percent of all bus trips have fewer than 25 people on board – half a vehicle’s capacity."

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TTC Union Alleges CEO Rick Leary Covered Up A 'Near-Catastrophic' Subway Crash

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"Someone is responsible for that cover-up attempt," President of ATU Local 113, Carlos Santos, said in the release. "That someone could only be the CEO. Who else would have the authority to keep such a major incident under wraps?"

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