Tornadoes Ripped Through Ontario Last Night & Caused Serious Chaos (VIDEOS)

Two tornadoes were reported.
Two Ontario Tornadoes Destroyed Trees And Knocked Out Power Last Night (VIDEOS)

Trees were destroyed and power was lost on Wednesday night as a severe storm swept through parts of the province. Environment Canada confirmed that two Ontario tornadoes even touched down in parts of the province. Since the storm, multiple videos have appeared online showcasing the chaos. 

According to CTV, Environment Canada has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in Glencoe and Belmont on Wednesday night.  

Aggressive rain and strong winds were also reported across the province as the storm blew through.

Hydro One tweeted that 25,000 of their customers were left without power throughout the province just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, with that number growing as the downpour got worse.

Based on their active outage map, the vast majority of southern Ontario is without electricity as of Thursday morning. 

It's reported that over 45,000 customers in parts of southern Ontario have been affected by these outages. 

Online footage of the rainstorms and the aftermath includes uprooted trees and broken patio furniture. 

Some videos captured the newly forming whirlwinds on the horizon near London, Ontario.

TWN also reports that winds were blowing at 100 kilometres an hour on Wednesday. 

In videos, the aftermath of the storms shows broken trees completely covering lawns and roadways. 

Some residents were even able to capture footage of the tornadoes that started to touch down throughout the night. 

On Thursday, multiple weather warnings were put in place across the province warning of the storm that swept through. 

Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for London, Parkhill and Eastern Middlesex County at 8:46 p.m. on Wednesday night. 

However, it looks like Ontario might be in the clear for the rest of the week. 

According to Toronto's weekly forecast, the weekend is going to be full of sunshine. 

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