Uber Eats Will Let You Order Weed In Ontario Starting Today & Here's How It Works

The glory days of convenient pot smoking are almost here — people in Ontario can officially order weed on the Uber Eats app. The only catch? You still have to pick it up yourself.

Uber Canada announced on Monday that cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke would now be featured on the app, allowing users ages 19 and over in Ontario to purchase selections from its "flower collection and unique accessories."

But it's worth noting that customers will need to confirm their legal age through the app and provide ID when picking up their order.

As mentioned, there isn't a delivery option yet. However, orders are scheduled to be completed within an hour to give customers quick access to their strain of choice.

After ordering their product, customers will be required to head to the Tokyo Smoke location they selected to collect their order.

The purchase will be assisted by a CannSell certified employee who will quickly ID the individuals per provincial regulations.

"Tokyo Smoke is thrilled to partner with Uber Canada on this innovative offering for our customers, bringing them high quality products and the very best customer experience," Mark Hillard, VP of operations at Tokyo Smoke, said in the press release.

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