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This Terrifying Chart Reveals Exactly How COVID-19 Spread To 28 Students At Western U

Infected students went out to bars, restaurants and even the gym.

On Thursday, it was announced that 28 Western University students have now contracted COVID-19.

Now, the Middlesex-London Health Unit is showing the public exactly how the Western University outbreak occurred with a contract tracing chart.

The tracing began with three houses, in which residents went to the gym and restaurants, met on campus, and visited a bar called Lost Love.

The chart shows activities between September 8 and September 13.

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Middlesex-London Health Unit

From there, activities like sharing e-cigarettes and drinks, sharing car rides home, and shopping trips furthered the spread.

Western University shut down campus activities yesterday in response to the increase in cases.

The school's president Alan Shepard said that the university plans to use the "full force of the code of student conduct" to curb the outbreak.

Via Middlesex-London Health Unit