One Ontario school is now shutting down campus activities. Western University COVID-19 cases have increased to 28 and now sports and clubs are cancelled. 

In a press release on Thursday, the university announced that many students who live off-campus have tested positive.  

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Positive COVID-19 cases at Western University

They also reported that one student who contracted the disease lives in residence and is now self-isolating. 

This surge in cases has forced the university to halt many non-academic activities, including in-person clubs and recreations. 

“Creating community is one of Western’s strengths, and we know our students desperately want to have some on-campus experiences. But, unfortunately, this development means we will be limiting those experiences," said Western President Alan Shepard.

Despite the outbreak, on-campus classes are expected to continue.

At the moment, only 25% of the school's courses have an in-person component to them.