Will Ferrell Teased The Raptors While Sitting Courtside & They Might Be Best Friends Now (VIDEO)

"Anybody have Drake's number?"

Will Ferrell courtside the court in Portland.

Will Ferrell courtside the court in Portland.

Will Ferrell was feeling some type of way in Portland this week.

The legendary actor and comedian gave the Toronto Raptors a good old-fashioned heckling at their game in Portland against the Portland Trail Blazers this past weekend.

Ferrell reconnected with his Semi-Pro roots and brought his goofy banter to the sidelines, and the Raptor's new series Open Gym caught it all on camera.

Ferrell was seated right beside the Raptor's bench and, in the video, pumped up the crowd before staring down the players and slightly nodding his head.

"We got a game going on, Will!" said a presenter as Ferrell loomed over the players.

Ferrell had no shortage of questions, asking the players, "What does Boucher weigh? 142?"

Christian Koloko didn't leave the star hanging and replied, "He's 140!.. Hanging on the rim!"

"141?" said Ferrell before shouting "141!" onto the court.

Ferrell also inquired about getting in touch with the 6ix god himself.

"Anybody have Drake's number? I need to get a hold of Drake," he asked the bench.

Ferrell continued to joke around with the team in his signature comedy style, and he may have been their good luck charm.

The Raptors took home a win with Ferrell chirping away by their side, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 123 to 105.

Ferrell was recently spotted shooting a mystery project in Toronto earlier this month in Regent Park, so it seems the actor may be developing a soft spot for Toronto.

Who knows, maybe Ferrell will turn up in Toronto for a game and find Drake courtside.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.