We always venture to lakes, beaches and waterfalls but it's easy to overlook the beauty of nature underground. Caves and caverns are the hidden gems that pique our curiosity the most and being able to explore them is an experience like no other. Mammoth Cave National Park near Nashville is insanely enchanting and you need to explore its glory at least once in your lifetime.

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is only a short, 1.5-hour drive from Nashville and we can guarantee you won't regret the trip. It's the largest known cave system in the entire world, with over 400 miles of caves.

You're in for the enchanting adventure of a lifetime as you travel past windy pathways embellished with beautiful crystals, marble and limestone that form captivating rock formations. 

The spooky-yet-intriguing cave has endless amounts of nooks and crannies to explore. Amongst the massive chambers and labyrinth lies some of the rarest (and kinda creepy) wildlife ever. Try not to freak out if you run into albino cave shrimp, eyeless fish and cave salamanders. 

The cave, which lies beneath Green River Valley, was discovered 4,000 years ago. Although it's reported to stretch 400 miles, we actually haven't discovered an end to the cave, so it could be even more massive than what we know of. 

If you dare step into the abyss, you'll actually find that it's super peaceful as the cool dark air and heavy silence wash over you. 

You can take a tour to get the most out of these awe-inspiring natural structures.

To access the cave from the south, take the Park City exit and head northwest on Ky. 255 to the park. From the north, take the exit at Cave City and head northwest on Ky. 70 to the park. 

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Mammoth Cave

Price: Free

Address: 1 Mammoth Cave Pkwy., Mammoth Cave, KY

Why You Need To Go: Explore the largest cave in the world right in your own backyard, for a spooky and enchanting adventure.

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