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Trudeau Says His 'Real Leadership' Is What Made Ford Bring Vaccine Certificates To Ontario

"I think we all know that that wouldn't have happened with Erin O'Toole," Trudeau said.

Trudeau Says His 'Real Leadership' Is What Made Ford Bring Vaccine Certificates To Ontario

While on the federal election campaign trail, Justin Trudeau keeps shading Doug Ford about COVID-19 vaccine certificates and this time the Liberal leader claimed his leadership is what made Ontario's premier introduce a proof of vaccination system.

At a news conference in Mississauga, Ontario, on September 3, Trudeau restated his campaign promise that a re-elected Liberal government will pay for provinces and territories to roll out vaccine certificates because that is "real leadership."

"It's no coincidence that right after we made that commitment, Premier Ford finally stepped up and I think we all know that that wouldn't have happened with Erin O'Toole sitting across the table from Doug Ford," Trudeau said.

He also mentioned that he's standing with the people of Ontario who said they wanted proof of vaccination.

Trudeau said on August 27 that he hopes Ford "steps up" to create vaccine certificates in Ontario, and just after that it was reported that the premier and his team were set to meet to figure out the implementation of a proof of vaccination system in the province.

Then a few days later, it was officially announced that vaccine certificates are coming to Ontario later in September.

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