A Guy Punched A Wall Over Tubi's Super Bowl Commercial & Many Say It's A 'Dealbreaker' (VIDEO)

The prank got way too real.

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Tubi's Super Bowl ad.

Tubi's Super Bowl ad.

Tubi's 2023 Super Bowl commercial had many people shouting "WTF!" on Sunday, but it sounds like the streamer's TV prank really pushed one guy too far.

A Reddit user says she's debating whether to break up with her boyfriend because of his reaction to Tubi's all-too-clever Super Bowl ad, which pranks users into thinking that someone is changing the channel during the game.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

The 15-second ad makes it look like the commercial break has ended by cutting to two sports broadcasters talking about football. Then a menu pops up and it looks as though someone is switching from the game to Tubi, where they proceed to scroll through the various movies on the streaming service.

"No, you didn't sit on the remote," Tubi wrote in the description on its YouTube page. "But on Super Bowl Sunday, we fooled audiences into thinking they did."

The whole thing worked all too well for some people, including the Reddit user who says her relationship might be over because of it.

The woman, 23, says she ended up walking out on her 25-year-old boyfriend "over the reaction he had to me over the commercial."

She told Reddit's OffMyChest forum that her boyfriend saw the commercial and flipped out at her, thinking that she was the one trying to change the channel.

She says he "began screaming at me violently, calling me things that I don't ever want to write down," and then proceeded to punch a hole in the living room wall. She tried to point out that it was just a commercial, but it took him a while to calm down and see reason.

"He eventually realized what actually happened and awkwardly apologized but I was so disgusted over his reaction to a 15-second commercial."

She says she's been with him for over a year and they'd been living together for about two months, but his reaction was too big a red flag to ignore.

"If you can't keep your anger in check and get that violent over something so small I don't want to be around it."

She added that he's been messaging and calling her since she left, and that her parents are telling her she's overreacting.

However, Reddit users were not so forgiving.

One user described the guy's reaction as a "red flag the size of f*cking Texas," while several others pointed out that punching a hole in the wall is not OK — especially when it comes to watching sports.

"You ARE NOT overreacting! Your parents are UNDER REACTING!" said another user. "I don't care how 'exciting' a GAME is, nor how much alcohol was consumed. That doesn't excuse bad behavior. That would be a definite 'dealbreaker' for me."

The woman returned to her post on Tuesday morning to admit that he apologized over the phone and she's not sure what to do next.

"The general consensus is that I should leave him," she wrote. "I know this sounds cliche but outside of the anger bursts he really is a great boyfriend."

The reply, which has since been buried with downvotes, then asks if she should give him a second chance.

"Sis, don't backtrack now," reads the top reply. "He punched a wall and called you such vile names because of a f*cking commercial during a football game."

The woman was seemingly still trying to sort out her feelings as of Tuesday morning.

Tubi's prank appears to have sparked plenty of laughter and fighting, according to the comments on YouTube.

Some have described it as "genius marketing" and "one of the best ads" ever, although there are also plenty of stories about people — especially guys — blaming others for the mistake.

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