A 2023 Super Bowl Commercial Said 'Thank You' To Canada & Viewers Were So Confused  (VIDEO)

"Worst thing about tonight is I found out that football was invented in Canada."

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Dave Grohl starring in Crown Royal's 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

Dave Grohl starring in Crown Royal's 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

Thank you, Canada. That is the message from Dave Grohl in Crown Royal's 2023 Super Bowl commercial, which is basically a love letter to the Great White North.

On Sunday, February 12, Super Bowl LVII saw the Kansas City Chiefs come back from behind to seal a 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

While most of the American Super Bowl ads did not air here in Canada, that doesn't mean Canada didn't get a shoutout during one of the multi-million dollar commercial slots.

In their own prime Super Bowl slot, Canadian whiskey company Crown Royal aired an ad featuring Foo Fighters rockstar Dave Grohl.

In the one-minute clip, Grohl takes the time to thank Canada for a number of its innovations and inventions – but the list left some viewers feeling more than a little confused.

As an electric guitar plays "O Canada" in the background, Grohl begins listing some of Canada's most iconic superstars, including "legends of music" like Joni Mitchell and Celine Dion, and "heroes of comedy" like Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Seth Rogen then gets a shout-out, and "heartthrob" Michael Cera also gets his moment.

Next, Grohl lists a whole bunch of impressive (albeit random) things that were invented right here in Canada, including the paint roller, walkie-talkies, batteries, ironing boards, trash bags and even whoopee cushions – yep, really.

Iconic Canadian food, such as poutine and Hawaiian pizza also get a tasty mention, as do peanut butter and instant potatoes, which were both also developed right here in Canada (who knew?!).

What really got people talking on Sunday night though, was the list of sports that also apparently originated right here in Canada.

Grohl lists hockey – of course – and basketball, before going on to mention football.

"What? No way," a nearby sound engineer stops to say, before the rockstar insists "Yeah! Look it up!"

And apparently, people did.

Over on Twitter after the ad aired, a number of users shared screenshots of them Googling the question, "Where was American football invented?" and finding the answer "Canada."

In response to Crown Royal, others described being surprised or even heartbroken by the revelations, while some argued that football was most definitely invented in the U.S.

One American Twitter user said, "Worst thing about tonight is I found out that football was invented in Canada."

Another added, "Not going to lie, I had to look it up. And it wasn't easy."

According to History.com, the modern version of football was greatly inspired by a McGill University football team in 1874.

It's a version of events that the university itself stands by, stating on its website that "the very first modern football games were played in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 14 and 15, 1874, between McGill University and a squad from Harvard."

It adds, "In fact, the Harvard squad so enjoyed the Canadian innovations (running with the ball, downs and tackling) that they introduced them into a match with Yale the following year—and thus, college football took root in America."

While some Americans seemed to take issue with Crown Royal's version of history, most Canadians who reacted to the commercial online seemed to like it – a lot.

Over on YouTube, one Canuck wrote, "[This] hits me in the Canadian feels."

"Classiest thing to air at the Super Bowl. Shout out to all of Canada. I love you!" added another.

Other Canucks took the opportunity to mention a few of the iconic Canadians and Canadian inventions they thought should have had a shoutout during the ad.

Among them were insulin, Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons.

Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey and Norm MacDonald were also mentioned as being commercial-worthy.

The Crown Royal ad ends with Grohl drinking a glass of the Canadian whisky beside a flag with the message "Thank you Canada" written on it.

What's not to love, eh?If you missed the rest of the 2023 Super Bowl ads because you were watching in Canada, you can find a list of the best ones here.

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