All 2023 Super Bowl Commercials Ranked From Best To Worst & Here's What You Missed (VIDEOS)

Even Jesus had an ad this year!

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Alicia Silverstone on the Rakuten ad. Right: Jack Harlow on the Doritos ad.

Alicia Silverstone on the Rakuten ad. Right: Jack Harlow on the Doritos ad.

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The 2023 Super Bowl delivered some of the most star-studded commercials of the year, and while you might have missed a few of them while grabbing snacks or not caring about football, we've got you covered.

We've been through all the Super Bowl ads and we're here to say, not all of them are created equal.

Here are all of the must-see Super Bowl ads that we watched during the game, and the ones that are so bad you can't look away.

FOX reportedly charged each advertiser about $7 million just to run a 30-second ad during the game, so you be the judge. Were these worth it?

Pepsi (Steve Martin) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

The Pepsi Super Bowl ad was probably our favourite ad of them all, mainly because of how clever it was.

Unlike other ads, it seems like Pepsi wasn’t trying too hard by plugging in as many unnecessary jokes. We can totally see the whole marketing trope of "am I acting, or am I actually happy," working to convince people to try the new Pepsi Zero Sugar drink.

And not to mention Steve Martin’s memorable cameo. But let’s be real, when is Steve Martin not memorable?

PopCorners (Breaking Bad) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Breaking Bad is without a question, a highly loved show, so why wouldn’t people love a Breaking Bad-themed ad?

PopCorners definitely knew what it was doing by featuring beloved characters Walter, Jesse, and Tuco from Breaking Bad.

Rakuten (Clueless) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

We love a good blast from the past, so seeing Alicia Silverstone, aka Cher from Clueless, get back into her most memorable character and sport the iconic yellow and black checkered two-piece suit for the Rakuten ad was obviously a good move.

Doritos (Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Doritos knew what it was doing when it featured Jack Harlow, Elton John and Missy Elliot in its 2023 Super Bowl ad, and the cherry on top was that it was also actually funny.

Now Harlow might just need to feature the triangle in his next single.

Workday (Ozzy Osbourne) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Anything with Ozzy Osbourne is funny, so the Workday 2023 Super Bowl ad did not miss the mark by featuring the iconic Black Sabbath singer in the ad.

And let’s be honest, the term "rockstar" really is overused.

The ad comes less than two weeks after Ozzy cancelled a bunch of performances and declared that he is no longer healthy enough to tour.

Downy (Danny McBride) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

We can always appreciate a clever pun, so when Downy’s ad featured Danny McBride as Downy McBride and showed him actually falling down… it’s safe to say it was up there as one of the more clever ads from the 2023 Super Bowl.

Crown Royal (Dave Grohl) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

The Canadian whisky company Crown Royal had to give Canada a substantial shoutout and they delivered perfectly.

David Grohl thanked Canadian celebrities like Celine Dion, Seth Rogen and Eugene Levy, and the Canadian representation was highly appreciated.

DraftKings (Miller Lite versus Coors Light) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

The DraftKings Super Bowl ad was actually quite clever and the plot twist at the end is something you don't actually see coming, which is one of the reasons why we would consider it a very successful Super Bowl ad.

They made the most out of the $7 million price tag and advertised three beers in one!

Sam Adams 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Who doesn’t love a Boston accent? You’ll hear plenty of it in the Samuel Adams Super Bowl 2023 ad.

It also has a sweet reminder to recycle your used cans and we stan an environmentally friendly brand!

Heineken 0.0 (Marvel's Ant-Man) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

If Ant-Man himself chooses to drink non-alcoholic beer, then why wouldn’t the rest of the world?

That’s why Heineken’s ad, featuring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man was a very smart choice and a good reminder that you can still enjoy a beverage while working and not worry about going overboard.

Budweiser (Kevin Bacon) 2023 Super Bowl ad

The best word to describe the Budweiser ad is "wholesome."

Although we didn’t see a celebrity on screen, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one part of the ad.

The narration of the ad was done by Kevin Bacon, so if you thought the voice sounded familiar, that’s who it was!

FanDuel (Rob Gronkowski) 2023 Super Bowl ad

This definitely wasn’t the best ad and to be frank, was far from memorable but it was somewhat redeemed because of Rob Gronkowski.

Michelob Ultra (Serena Williams and Brian Cox) 2023 Super Bowl ad

This was one of those ads that did too much and tried really hard to be funny but didn’t deliver at all.

Even Serena Williams and Brian Cox’s cameos weren't able to save it.

Pringles (Meghan Trainor) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

This was another ad that had so much potential but failed to deliver.

The ad basically shows Meghan Trainor, and other random people, getting their hands stuck in a Pringle’s can…and that’s literally it. That’s the ad.

Do you see the missed potential?

Avocados from Mexico (Anna Faris) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

This ad was just… weird.

It somehow linked Adam and Eve to the Statue of Liberty, all while featuring nudity.

So you see how it makes no sense, especially since the ad is about avocados from Mexico.

Experian (John Cena) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

It would have made a lot more sense to use Pharrell Williams in this Happy-themed Experian Super Bowl ad.

M&M's (with Maya Rudolph) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Maya Rudolf’s M&M ad, dubbed as “Ma&Ya’s” for the Super Bowl, was honestly just confusing, for lack of a better word.

The ad was advertising "candy-coated clam bites," and the actors trying the questionable confectionary were definitely not enjoying it, so it doesn’t really make sense how the advert was supposed to get people to go out and buy M&M’s.

It was definitely not the best ad from the 2023 Super Bowl.

He Gets Us (Jesus) 2023 Super Bowl commercial

Even Jesus had an ad during the Super Bowl and it's safe to say it was definitely a little weird!

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