'Twitter In Canada' Is Trending & It's For The Most Ridiculous Reason Ever

It involves Elon Musk, Trump and one very awkward tweet. 👀

People stood outside Parliament Hill in Ottawa waving Canadian flags.
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People stood outside Parliament Hill in Ottawa waving Canadian flags.

Elon Musk, Donald Trump and one awkward tweet about Canada — that's why "Twitter in Canada" has been trending all day.

Anybody who logged on Twitter on Wednesday, May 11, may have noticed that those words had been trending overnight and into the morning, with thousands of people using the terms or the hashtag #TwitterInCanada.

It's all because of a tweet posted by the verified Twitter account of Ali Lerman, which read, "If Elon Musk brings Trump back to Twitter I am moving to Canada."

It's in reference to reports that Musk — who recently acquired Twitter for approximately $44 billion USD — said he'd reverse Donald Trump's ban from the platform.

The former American president was kicked off Twitter back in January 2021 due to the risk of "further incitement of violence" following the storming of the Capitol.

While Lerman's tweet may (or may not) have been a joke, it didn't take long for Canadians to respond to the notion that moving to Canada would mean an escape from both Twitter and Trump.

In one sarcastic tweet, somebody responded, "We have Twitter in Canada now? Sweet, I'll have to check it out!"

While somebody else added, "Umm...we *do* have Twitter in Canada. Electricity and running water, too."

There were a few more light-hearted reactions too, with one user joking, "We have Twitter in Canada but it’s mostly beaver shots and Anne Murray stan accounts."

"We have Twitter in Canada, but it's called Twitteh," wrote another.

For anybody still unsure, another person wrote, "Yes, we have Twitter in Canada. To all Americans: Canada is pretty much the same as America, except it's nicer and it's a much better country. I hope this clears that up." Eek!

It's not the only drama going on with Canada and the Twitterverse recently, as #BoycottTimHortons was trending through the weekend.

The drama was in relation to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps and their COVID-19 vaccination requirements, which require all kids to be fully vaxxed before attending.

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Helena Hanson
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