#BoycottTimHortons Is Trending On Twitter & It's All Because Of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Things are getting a little heated.👇

A Tim Hortons restaurant sign.
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A Tim Hortons restaurant sign.

Tim Hortons is facing boycott calls this weekend with the hashtag #BoycottTimHortons trending in Canada on Twitter.

All of the drama appears to be in relation to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps and their apparent COVID-19 vaccination requirements, following a petition calling for any vaccine mandates at the camps to be scrapped.

According to the petition posted via Rebel News, the coffee giant is "barring those in need from attending their camps based on a private medical decision."

It was launched by Tamara Ugolini, who says online that she's an "early pandemic dissident" who is "living on the fringe."

Ugolini says the alleged vaccine policy is "overreaching" and is calling for it to be scrapped.

"Denying minors the ability to partake in fun activities is cruel and unwarranted," reads the petition. "Kids have already missed out on so much, and Tim Hortons needs to let them camp!"

As of Sunday, May 8, it had received over 19,000 signatures toward its goal of 25,000.

Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons and to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps to confirm whether the camp rules do include a vaccination policy.

This article will be updated if and when a response is received.

Over on Twitter, Canadians have been using the hashtag #BoycottTimHortons to discuss their opinions on the supposed policy.

While some have spoken out against the idea of vaccine mandates for campers, others say they're in favour of the move from Tim Hortons.

One person took to Twitter to say, "I will never support any business that segregates and discriminates against certain children."

Sharing a similar message, somebody else added, "Guess I'll be joining the rapidly growing #BoycottTimHortons contingent. Discriminating against children and their families is unconscionable."

However, others had a different view.

"The solution is simple… no vaccine, no camp. Feel free to pay for a summer camp that doesn’t require vaccinations. Your body, your choice, but I wouldn’t send my child to a camp that didn’t require vaccinations. My child, my choice. See it works both ways!" another person wrote.

"I thought we were all going to #BoycottTimHortons because the coffee is shit and the donuts are garbage. The Camp is the ONLY good thing they do," someone else added. "Now I have to go buy a dozen crappy donuts and a dark roast cup of water to tell #AntiVaxxers to shove it? Consider it done!"

On its website, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps says its mission is "to help youth from underserved communities achieve their full potential."

In 2020 and 2021, Tims eCamp was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of "[keeping] participants and staff safe while providing digital programs and resources to support youth development at a time when they needed our supports more than ever."

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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