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The US COVID-19 Death Toll Passed 350K & Some Funeral Homes Are Out Of Space

Over 20 million people have tested positive in the country.
US COVID-19 Death Toll Passed 350K & Some Funeral Homes Are Out Of Space

One country has hit another concerning milestone. The U.S. COVID-19 death toll has surpassed 350,000 and reports say some funeral homes are now running out of space.

Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University shows that the country surpassed the figure on Sunday morning, as the total climbed to 350,267.

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350,267 Americans have died due to COVID-19

According to the same data, 20,439,674 Americans have now tested positive for the illness.

The country has started to roll out vaccines to health care workers and nursing home residents, but case numbers continue to rise at a steady rate.

According to CBC News, the rising number of deaths is having a significant impact on funeral homes.

In Southern California, which has recently been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, some businesses say they’re running out of space, with one funeral service reporting an average of 30 body removals every day.

Competitively, in Canada, the country’s total number of cases reached 572,982 as of December 30, 2020.

The death toll was 15,472 on the same date, according to the Government of Canada’s official data.