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US Travel Rules Include A Ban On Everyone Who Has Recently Visited These Countries

Joe Biden is reimposing the country's travel restrictions.
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New President Joe Biden is cracking down when it comes to the U.S. travel rules by reimposing an entry ban on some travellers.

On January 25, he’s set to reinstate a ban that blocks entry to those who’ve recently travelled to places where COVID-19 is a concern, including Brazil and 26 countries in Europe.

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U.S. citizens are exempt from the ban, but it does apply to people who are from the listed countries, or who have recently visited them.

The spots in question are Brazil, the U.K., Ireland and the 26 countries in Europe which still allow travel across open borders.

Following the discovery of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus in the country, South Africa has also been added to the list.

Prior to Biden’s presidential takeover, the restrictions on Brazil and Europe were set to be lifted on January 26. 

However, his latest move will ensure the ban continues.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau has suggested that travel restrictions could get even stricter in the coming days and has urged Canadians to cancel all upcoming vacations.

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