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Miss Universe Canada Just Crowned An Activist From Vancouver

"I am Nova Stevens. I am a Canadian and a Black woman. As I stand before you, I want you to see me as a black woman."

On Sunday, October 26, Nova Stevens was named Miss Universe Canada. 

Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., Stevens is an anti-racism activist, a Black woman, and an absolute inspiration. 

She co-organized a march for Black Lives Matter this year which brought more than 15,000 people together. The newly-crowned Miss Universe Canada made a powerful post on Instagram following her win. 

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I am Nova Stevens. I am a Canadian and a Black woman. As I stand before you, I want you to see me as a black woman. Yes. I want you to see colour. Because seeing colour does not mean you’re a racist; instead, it allows you to see the struggles experienced by people of colour.

Nova Stevens 

"You’ve heard the news, you’ve read the stories. Innocent black lives have been lost to police brutality and hate crimes. We want you to see us. We want you to hear us. We want you to feel us. I ask that you diversify your surroundings, because when you do that, it creates a better understanding. Know that hate is taught; therefore we can unlearn it. So let’s do that! Let’s get back to our truest essence, which is love," she continued.

Her post concludes by thanking everyone who has believed in her and making a promise: "As your new Miss Universe Canada, I promise to remain true to who I am and use my power, which is my voice."

According to her bio, her proudest personal accomplishment was the Black Lives Matter march that she co-organized. "Another accomplishment I am very proud to be a part of; is the declaration of August 1st as independent day by the city of Vancouver," she said. 

She says that winning the title means showing the world that there is no such thing as one ideal kind of beauty. 

"It is time to show the world the true beauty of Canada which lies within our diverse culture and love for one another."