It's certainly no secret that rent prices in Vancouver aren't easy on the wallet. In fact, the city has the most expensive rent in Canada.

According to a report sent to Narcity from, rental prices are going up steadily in most of the neighbourhoods and recovering from price drops due to COVID-19.

As of the beginning of June 2021, the monthly cost of a furnished 1-bedroom is $1,842 and an unfurnished 1-bedroom is $1,704. Prices in Toronto, for example, fall just below.

Here's how much rent costs for unfurnished 1-bedroom apartments in various Vancouver neighbourhoods.

In Downtown Vancouver, you're looking at a cost of $2,051. In South Vancouver, it's $1,704. Over in Burnaby, it will cost you $1,660.

Surrey renters are paying an average of $1,393, in Richmond, the monthly bill is $1,692, in North Vancouver, it's $1,950, and in West Vancouver, you're looking at $1,727. Finally, the same type of place is going for $1,501 in Coquitlam and $1,663 in New Westminster.

So, where will you be renting in and around Vancity?