A 20-Year-Old BC Driver's 'Drifting' Stunt Landed 3 People In The Hospital

The driver only had a "a class 7 learner" license.
BC 'Drifting' Stunt Landed 3 People In The Hospital

West Vancouver Police responded to a collision that resulted from a B.C. drifting stunt on Wednesday, March 10. 

"When the driver of a 2018 BMW 440i sedan thought he’d impress his friends by “drifting” through a hairpin turn on Cypress Bowl Road yesterday, he likely didn’t expect that it would result in a trip to the hospital and a $368.00 fine," wrote the police department

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Police said the 20-year-old driver had gotten up to 120-140 km/hr in a 60 km/hr zone before attempting to drift and losing control. 

The car flew across lanes of traffic and hit a rock face before hitting an unoccupied parked car. 

Three people from inside the BMW were sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the driver got a $368 ticket. There was an estimated $50,000 of damage.