BC Released Its Plan For Holiday Gatherings & Here's Who You Can Hang Out With

New variants are emerging and COVID-19 restrictions are changing.

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BC Released Its Plan For Holiday Gatherings & Here's Who You Can Hang Out With

It's another year for a COVID-19-style Christmas, according to the B.C. government's latest announcement regarding gatherings.

COVID-19 cases are still high, and with new variants emerging across western Canada, Dr. Bonnie Henry told people to "anticipate and plan for the worst."

The province also identified its first case on the Omicron variant on December 1.

Henry has urged the public to make sure everyone at holiday gatherings is fully vaccinated and to keep them small.

Dr. Henry made it clear that you can still see family. She said, "You can spend time with your loved ones and indeed you must spend time, we need to have that time together."

With this, she told the public to keep these gatherings small, and if people want to gather with a larger group, to do so outdoors.

"Go sledding or snowshoeing or hiking," she suggested.

She also told those who plan to travel to be respectful when doing so and be aware of the impact you may have on other communities and your own.

There were also updated restrictions for some areas of the province. In Northern Health, current restrictions on bars, nightclubs, liquor service after 10 p.m. and no in-person worship services will continue through January 31, 2022.

Religious services across the whole province are 50% capacity unless everyone is fully vaccinated, and everyone aged five and up must wear a mask in indoor settings.

Future brides, grooms and partners across Ontario may want to give their wedding plan a second look-over because the rules have changed once again.

Under the province's new three-step reopening plan, the rules for social gatherings and ceremonies will continue to change, so depending on when you plan on tying the knot, you may need to edit your guest list and call the caterers.

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