4 Beautiful Small Towns In BC You Can Move To For A Lower Cost Of Living​

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Bridge in Castlegar, B.C. Right: View in Ladysmith, B.C.

Bridge in Castlegar, B.C. Right: View in Ladysmith, B.C.

Vancouver's cost of living might have you dreaming of greener, and cheaper, pastures. Luckily there are some stunning small towns in B.C. that come with a considerably smaller price tag compared to Vancouver — or Victoria for that matter.

Living Wage for Families BC calculated "the hourly amount that each of two working parents with two young children must earn to meet their basic expenses."

In the bustling city of Vancouver, you'll need to make at least $24.08 an hour to support a small family of two working parents and two kids.

That doesn't even include having some money leftover for savings or paying off debts. Plus, the minimum wage in B.C. is $15.65 (although, it is rising to $16.75 on June 1).

According to the Living Wage For Families BC calculation, that's still not enough to cover the necessities such as rent, food, transportation, and child care for small families in the city.

Unfortunately, the website didn't list any communities that had a living wage that equalled the minimum wage — but these small towns are at least more affordable to live in than Vancouver.


This picturesque small town in the West Kootenay region is surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature.

The living wage in the town is $20.54, and it has a lot to offer.

Adventure lovers will be right at home here with access to skiing, hiking, biking, and climbing.

It's still not a big city, but there are some tasty-looking restaurants and cafés here too.


This little town is in Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island — around an hour and a half from Victoria.

Here you'll get the benefits of small-town living, but you'll be close to a city. The living wage in the Cowichan Valley is $23.53, which is just below Greater Victoria's, which sits at $24.29.

A little can go a long way, so it might be worth moving out to a small town in the valley. Luckily, Ladysmith is a charming option that's right on the water.


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Also, locals seem to love it!


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Trail is technically a city, but it has a small population that usually comes with a small town. The living wage there is $21.13, and it's another Kootenay community, so you'll be surrounded by natural beauty.

Summer here would be full of opportunities for exploration!


The Comox Valley living wage is $20.26, and the town of Comox is pretty stunning. This spot is another Vancouver Island gem, meaning people living here have easy access to some pretty stunning adventures.

If you want the salty air of Vancouver, for a cheaper price, this seaside town could do the trick!

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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