Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle? If yes, you need to check out this adorable cabin for sale in B.C. It's cozy, it's rustic, and it's got enough views to keep you enchanted for life. Plus, the property is just the right amount of secluded. 

Forget about noisy neighbours or sirens sounding through the city streets. This serene abode is right by Pitt Lake just outside the Greater Vancouver Area. 

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It takes less than an hour from downtown Vancouver. But don't be fooled by its closeness to the city.

The property can be accessed by boat only, so you'll have to get to Grant Narrows Boat Launch to go up the lake.

The lake's turquoise water will make the journey just as exhilarating as the destination. The trip from the boat launch to the cottage will be about 30 minutes. 

The cabin itself is a stunning sight on its own. It's got a private dock and a sandy beach, so you can have your tropical vacation right outside your home. 

Unlike other similar properties, this particular lakehouse is so close to the shore that it doesn't even bother with a staircase to the beach. 

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According to the listing, the home has a "completely level walk out access from your cabin, no stairs to deal with." 

The 612-square-foot property comes with two bedrooms and a loft in the main cabin. There's also a separate "outbuilding," complete with a queen bed and storage space. 

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"There is a bath house as well with a shower detached from the main cabin," adds the listing, if you were wondering about this property's bathroom arrangements. We told you, it's rustic.

Honestly, this place is summer vacation goals. The view of the sparkling water with the towering mountains on the horizon will make your morning coffee a seriously magical experience. 

The place is listed at $399,000 with an estimated monthly mortgage of $1743.95. 

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So whether you're considering a long-term investment, a second home near a picturesque location, or you just like browsing through vacation home listings, you're going to like this. 

Three-Bedroom Cabin By Pitt Lake

Price: $399,000

Address: 17 Debeck Creek, Pitt Meadows, BC

Description: Who needs to jump on a plane with this baby is just a quick rip from the city? 

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