Former 'Bachelor' Star Mykenna Dorn On Her Fav Canadian Brands & A 'Life-Changing' Skin Item

She says one Canadian fashion brand will forever be her favourite.

Mykenna Dorn.
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Mykenna Dorn.

Mykenna Dorn became a fan-favourite contestant of The Bachelor among Canadians during her time on the show and now Dorn is proving she's a go-to influencer when it comes to beauty, fashion and lifestyle content.

While her reality TV days are behind her, the Vancouver-based influencer has developed a huge following online where she gives her followers glimpses into her daily life on Instagram and TikTok.

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, it's obvious many people love Dorn's fashion sense and frequently ask about the products she uses in the comments.

Narcity spoke with Dorn about all things lifestyle, including her favourite Canadian brands, her most-loved beauty and hair products and which spots in Vancouver she would recommend to anyone visiting.

We also asked how she feels about her time on The Bachelor and what dating tips she recommends to singles in the B.C. city and beyond.

Here's everything the 26-year-old content creator shared with us.

What are your go-to beauty and hair products?

Dorn tells Narcity she's all about the natural make-up look and has certain go-to products she swears by.

When it comes to skincare, the Vancouver influencer says she's worked hard to get her skin to where it is today and a lot of that has had to do with switching to La Roche Posay products. She's documented how they have helped with her acne on her Instagram.

"They've been life-changing for me and my skin and my acne. I will not use any other products other than them."

For make-up, the 26-year-old blogger says she can never leave home without a lip gloss and loves Patrick Ta's Major Glow Lip Shine in the shade "Is She Younger Than Me?"

As for her hair, Dorn says she's been on quite the journey and typically goes to Brush Salon in Vancouver.

When it comes to the products she loves to keep her hair healthy and growing, she swears by BondiBoost shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. The K18 hair mask is another favourite.

"When it comes to styling I really like the Dae Cactus 3-in-1 styling cream. It's really good for slicked-back buns, getting those little baby hairs down."

What is your biggest piece of fashion-related advice?

Dorn frequently posts her stylish outfits on Instagram so we had to know her top tip when it comes to fashion.

The Vancouver blogger says her biggest piece of fashion advice is ensuring you have the basics in your closet rather than focusing only on what's trending right now.

She recommends basics like a nice white T-shirt and black tank top that you can rotate in your wardrobe and use those pieces to create different looks.

"Try to stay away from trends or try to pick one trend that you know is not going to go out of style in the next year because then you're saving your money, you're not just spending your money on something that's just popping right now."

The Vancouver blogger also advises taking some time to declutter your closet and says you may be surprised by some things you'll find in there.

What are your favourite Canadian clothing brands?

When it comes to Canadian clothing brands, Dorn says Dynamite will forever be her favourite.

"They've always stayed affordable. Aritzia is a great Canadian brand, obviously, but they can be pricey. I always say go to Dynamite and see what they have because they typically have the same thing, sometimes it's even better."

She also says you can't go wrong with Lululemon for athletic wear and loves Gentle Fawn for their simple pieces.

What would you recommend to singles who are trying to find a partner?

When it comes to the dating world, Dorn says she's had her "ups and downs."

She says what's helped her is having a positive mindset, not "sweating the small stuff," and continuing to focus and work on yourself.

"I think a lot of time we put this pressure on 'I need to find someone' and I think if you just focus on yourself and do it when you're ready, and also it usually happens when you least expect it," she noted.

That's what happened to her.

Dorn says she signed up for some dating apps when the time was right and that's how she met her now-boyfriend Lynden.

However, the first time they met, was random and by chance during a girls' night when they realized mid-chat they were at the same restaurant.

"Keep doing you, don't be so down on yourself, enjoy life and things usually happen when they're supposed to."

What is your favourite go-to spot for a date night in Vancouver?

So what's Dorn's favourite go-to spot for a date night in Vancouver? An Italian restaurant called Osteria Savio Volpe.

If you haven't been before, Dorn recommends making a reservation several weeks in advance because the place fills up quickly.

"It is one of our favourites. It is so good. We absolutely love it," she told Narcity.

Would you recommend someone go on The Bachelor?

Dorn was a contestant on the 24th season of the reality dating show The Bachelor, during Peter Weber's season, before then going on Bachelor in Paradise.

While Dorn says she had fun on The Bachelor and is happy that she had the experience, she personally wouldn't recommend it.

"It might work for some people. I'm not saying that you can't find the love of your life on a TV show," she added.

"I'm happy that I had that experience. But I I mean, it's definitely a risk."

While Dorn didn't end up with Weber in the end, a positive outcome that came out of being on reality TV, is it taught Dorn to go outside of her comfort zone.

"I always felt like I had a 'type' and even my partner today we're very opposite in lots of ways [...] he's more outdoorsy, I usually never took risks, tried new things because I always stayed in my bubble and I think it just taught me that when you push yourself outside the comfort zone, the experiences, the people that you meet are just amazing."

Communication was another big lesson for the Vancouver content creator as she says you're getting to know someone you had never met before quickly and you're also dating them along with a lot of other people.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from The Bachelor?

Another positive aspect of The Bachelor is the friendships it produces between the contestants and Dorn says she still keeps in touch with a few girls from her season.

The Vancouver influencer says, unfortunately, all the girls she keeps in touch with, like Anna Redman, Kelly Flanagan and Kelsey Weier live in the U.S. but they do chat over FaceTime and visit each other when they can.

What spots would you recommend to someone visiting Vancouver?

Dorn has been living in Vancouver for years so we asked her which spots she would recommend to someone new visiting the city and she was full of ideas.

When it comes to breakfast or brunch, Dorn recommends getting avocado toast at Nelson the Seagull Cafe or going to Jam Cafe or Cafe Medina. If you need a coffee, she says you should go to JJ Bean or Small Victory cafe.

"Definitely walk or bike the [Vancouver] Seawall, you have to do that. I always recommend this to everyone, it's the prettiest views in Vancouver," she added.

The 26-year-old former reality star used to live in Yaletown and says there are lots of great restaurants along Hamilton and Mainland Streets.

Some of her top choices include Tacofino, The Parlour, Banter Room and WestOak.

She says in the summer she also recommends people head to Kitsilano Beach for some beach time or to watch the sunset.

For dinner she suggests either checking out Hook Restaurant or Nightingale if you're more in the city centre.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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