An Irish TikToker Got Real About The 'Interesting' Way Canadians Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

"Oh my god the representation is like..."

Western Canada Editor
Irish TikToker living in Vancouver.

Irish TikToker living in Vancouver.

It's no secret that Saint Patrick's Day in Canada means guzzling beer for a lot of people — but this Irish TikToker who moved to Canada just got real about how people celebrate in her new home.

Caoimhe O'Farrell moved to Vancouver in October and has been making observations about Canada on her TikTok regularly, sharing her thoughts about everything from Tim Hortons to Vancouver weather and culture shocks.

Right before Saint Patrick's Day, Caoimhe posted a TikTok about the "interesting" way people view the day in Canada. Spoiler alert: it's very different.

"Any of the Saint Patrick's Day gimmicky items like t-shirts or headbands, they all are like 'team drinking,'" she said in the TikTok.

She shows some examples, which most people have likely seen before in real life. T-shirts with writing saying things like "Irish Today, Hungover Tomorrow," aren't exactly uncommon.


Its so intresting to see how other countries celebrate st patricks day and all the Irish stereotypes #irish #stpatricksday #vancouver #canada #ireland #luck #foryoupage #britishcolumbia #greenscreen

To top it all off, Caoimhe said that someone the other day asked her if she was spreading shamrocks to celebrate Saint Patricks Day.

"Like spreading ashes, but shamrocks," she added. "Or they'll tell me something I've never heard of and I'm like 'is that an Irish thing?"

One person even asked her if she liked Ed Sheeran, clearly thinking that he was Irish — when he's in fact English.

Caoimhe ended it by saying that she genuinely enjoys it when people ask her about Ireland, as confused as people might be.

She also made another video with facts about Ireland that people might not know about, like how the alphabet is pronounced slightly differently.


Some pretty fun irish facts , i personally feel are not talked about and also are actually intresting to people who arent from ireland , ☘️ #irish #stpatricksday #vancouver #canada #ireland #luck #foryoupage #britishcolumbia #greenscreen #irishyouth #gaeilge #patrick #smell

She also added for clarification that Ireland is separate from England. "Everybody should know this but everybody does not seem to know this," she said.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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