This Island With Stunning White Sand Beaches Is Just A Ferry Ride Away From Vancouver

It looks like a tropical destination! 🐚

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​A woman on Sandy Island. Right: Boats on Sandy Island.

A woman on Sandy Island. Right: Boats on Sandy Island.

There is a magical tiny island in B.C. that gives seriously tropical vibes; and believe it or not, it's just a BC Ferries ride away from Vancouver.

Sandy Island is a small isle located off of the northern tip of Denman Island. Locals also call it the Tree Island, according to the BC Parks website.

To arrive here, you will need to first book a ride via BC Ferries to Denman Island. From there, Sandy Island can be accessed by foot at low tide, as per the website.

Alternatively, you could also take a boat from Union Bay on Vancouver Island, to reach this magical sandy oasis.

This island has amazing white sand beaches that will make you feel like you've been transported somewhere far, far away from Canada.

The island's ecosystem is filled with fragile plants and animals, so make sure to respect the flora and fauna while you're at it. It also makes for a great spot for photographers to capture nature in its purest form.

The island also offers a chance for paddle-board and kayaking enthusiasts to pretend like they're in Hawaii. No shortage of photo-ops to step up that Instagram game too, right?

If you were already planning a BC Ferries trip to Denman Island this summer, this would make for a great little addition to your itinerary. And in case you weren't, you're welcome for this gorgeous recommendation!

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
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