Lotto 6/49 Winner In BC Left Freshco In A Hurry After Realizing She Had Hit It Big

"I always wanted to buy my son a house if I won.”

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Satwant Aujla, a lotto winner in B.C.

Satwant Aujla, a lotto winner in B.C.

A Lotto winner in B.C. was at her local Freshco when she found out that she was now a million bucks richer.

Abbotsford resident Satwant Aujla won the Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed Prize, and when she realized just how much money she'd be coming into, she dashed right out of the grocery store.

“I put [the ticket] in my pocket and got out of there when I saw the winning amount," Aujla said. After that, she went to two different gas stations just to make sure it was actually real.

It was.

According to a press release by the BCLC, B.C. lottery players redeemed more than $113 million in total winnings from Lotto 6/49 just last year — and you might just find one of those lucky tickets in the most unsuspecting places.

Like a Chevron gas station on South Fraser Way, where Aujla purchased the ticket that she'd soon find out would change her life.

“This win gives me some peace and comfort," she said. "I always wanted to buy my son a house if I won.”

At a time when Vancouver real estate isn't exactly affordable, this win will surely be a huge help to Aujla when making that purchase for her son, who she was most excited to share the news with.

In fact, he was the first person Aujla called and was apparently "blown away" — which is definitely an understandable reaction to what's surely a life-changing event.

Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.
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