Michael Bublé Got A Tattoo For His Fourth Child & Says There's Space For Six More (VIDEO)

"They will have one syllable names."

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​Michael Bublé.

Michael Bublé.

Michael Bublé just got inked at a small tattoo shop in his home province of B.C., to honour his youngest child.

The iconic Canadian singer posted a video to his Instagram account shouting out Tabua Tattoo Company in Burnaby, B.C., and took his followers along with him for the ride.

"It's time to get the fourth child tattooed on my wrist here at Tabua and Company Tattoo," Bublé said.

"I'm just gonna do the name of my girl," he added.

Although the tattoo artist tried to convince Bublé to do a full back piece, he just ended up getting a small tattoo on his wrist for his baby girl Cielo.

The Canadian singer might just have to think about a career in comedy because the video he posted is downright hilarious.

Before even starting, Bublé poked fun at himself and the pain that comes along with getting a tattoo — but it looks like that might not stop him from getting another one!

"I've got enough space for at least six more kids," Bublé said in the caption of the post.

"They will have one-syllable names," he added.

Bublé welcomed his fourth child, Cielo Yoli Rose, with his wife, Luisana Lopilato, on August 19.

From the video Bublé posted, it appears that his three other children, Noah, Elias, and Vida have all previously claimed spots on their father's arm as well.

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