Someone Received A Bomb Threat Via AirDrop On A Plane To Vancouver & Police Are Investigating

The flight was travelling from Edmonton.

A Flair airplane.

A Flair airplane.

Police in B.C. are investigating after a passenger on a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver received a threatening message through AirDrop on Friday.

In a statement, Richmond RCMP said they'd responded to a call about a "possible threat" on a Flair Airlines flight to Vancouver shortly before midnight on December 30.

Corporal Dennis Hwang, a communications officer for Richmond RCMP, said a passenger on the flight that originated in Edmonton had received "electronic communications on their mobile device of a possible threat."

The passenger then alerted the authorities.

A passenger on the flight told CTV that the person next to him had received messages via AirDrop and the sender was changing their display name to threatening messages such as "Bomb on plane."

Hwang added that officers boarded the flight after it landed at Vancouver Airport and cleared the aircraft before passengers and crew were able to leave the plane.

Threats or perceived threats "will be fully investigated" and the safety of the flight crew, passengers and the general public is the main concern, Hwang added.

An investigation into the messages is active and ongoing, police said.

A spokesperson for Flair Airlines confirmed that RCMP officers boarded the flight at the request of the flight crew after the plane landed in Vancouver.

"The passengers and crew deplaned following a brief investigation of suspicious activity in flight by a passenger," they said.

Authorities will be conducting a full investigation into the incident, and the safety and wellbeing of passengers and crew is Flair's first priority, they added.

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Charlie Hart
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