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Farm for sale in B.C.

Farm for sale in B.C.

This farm for sale in B.C. looks like it's out of a storybook, with a sprawling green pasture, hay bales, and a little barn to top it off. It's also half the price of a tiny condo in Vancouver, making it that much more tempting to ditch the city life and hop on a tractor.

Country living might take some adjusting though, especially at this "off-grid" cabin and hobby farm.

If you're ready to take a leap though, at least this won't break the bank. The farm is listing for just $365,000, which is way cheaper than the average Vancouver condo price, that sits at $740,100 according to WOWA.

Considering you don't even get a backyard with a condo, and this property has 125 areas of land, it's safe to say that it's a pretty sweet deal.

Farm for sale in B.C.Farm for sale in B.C.LandQuest

It'll take a very outdoorsy person to live here though since it's off-grid and self-sustaining. It also could use someone who is handy with tools, to give the house a little TLC. It's a little rough around the edges, and inside it's exactly an interior decor dream.

Cabin on farm. Cabin on farm. LandQuest

For those up to the challenge though, the listing said that there is wildlife all around this place, plus lots of trails to explore.

Farm for sale in B.C.Farm for sale in B.C.LandQuest

It's located 45 minutes from Quesnel, B.C., and on top of the cabin on the property there's also a barn and an equipment shed.

The listing added that this property "is excellent for hobby farming, hunting, and placer gold mining."

So, if you're hoping to strike gold, this is the place to go.

Off-Grid Cabin & Hobby Farm Cabin on 125 Acres - Quesnel Rural South

Farm for sale in B.C.

Farm for sale in B.C.


Price: $365,000

Address: Quesnel Rural South, B.C.


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