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There's A Two-Storey Tall Wine Wall Inside This BC House For Sale (PHOTOS)

For people who really, really, really love wine. 🍷
Unique Homes In Vancouver: There's A Two-Storey Tall Wine Wall Inside This Mansion

We know there are a number of unique homes in Vancouver worthy of drooling over, but there's one that has the final word, especially for wine-lovers.

This West Vancouver mansion has a 20-foot wall of wine — enough to fit 1,500 bottles.

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It looks a bit like the White House with its crisp exterior and colonial style, but inside, there's a big boozy secret.

The giant, curved glass wall of wine is breathtaking and it hugs the living area full of other eye-catching features.

With a bowling alley, arcade games, and pool table — it's like having your own Cineplex REC Room in your own place.

Outside, the home feels more like a resort with a massive saltwater pool.

There are ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms inside — that's almost enough to use a different one every day for two weeks. 

For $25,000,000 you can get the keys and start filling your wine wall — we all have that one friend who could is so obsessed with wine that they'd be able to fill it, no sweat!

House With A 20-Foot Tall Wine Wall

Price: $25,000,000

Address: 2929 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver, BC

Description: This palatial home is full of mindblowing features.

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