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Vancouver Mansion For Sale Is Totally Huge & Every Space Is Wilder Than The Next

This unbelievable Vancouver mansion for sale is definitely fit for the next Michael Jordan!

The jaw-dropping 18,000 square foot home is the size of all your friend's apartments put together, and then some.

You won't believe your eyes when you see the photos, as every space is more over-the-top than the next.

Vancouver mansion for sale Derek Grech | Angell Hasman & Associates Realty Ltd.

Inside, there is a dining room with a glass wall of wine, crystal chandeliers everywhere and hallways with plush red carpets fit for the Met Gala.

Outside, things are just as extra, with a huge basketball court fit for a pro athlete.

Or you can go swimming next to a wall of fire, splash in the gigantic pool, or soak your worries away in the hot tub.

Meanwhile, the rose-filled garden is like a trip to the Versaille palace in Paris, with multi-tiered fountains and statues in all directions.

If you need a slam-dunk house to match your soon-to-be legendary sport skills, this place could be all yours for an eye-watering $7,298,000.

Sport Lover's Paradise

Price: $7,298,000

Address: 226 Onslow Pl, West Vancouver, BC

Description: With a house this nice, you'd literally never want to leave home!

Vancouver mansion for sale Derek Grech | Angell Hasman & Associates Realty Ltd.

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