Westminster Pier After The Fire Looks Completely Unrecognizable In A Haunting Video

After it burned for days spewing smoke into the skies, Metro Vancouver's Westminster pier after the fire looks completely unrecognizable.

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, September 18, footage shows that practically nothing of the old pier remains, including the iconic "W" made out of shipping containers.

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New Westminster says that the fire is contained, but underneath the deck, it's smouldering, and in the video you can see smoke rising still.

Dramatic photos and videos of the blaze were also posted online during the fire, which started on Sunday, September 13.

Just days later, police arrested an arson suspect and are still investigating.

A Canadian Tire In Guelph Caught Fire Yesterday & Had To Be Evacuated (VIDEO)

"Something was knocked onto a heater," according to police.

A Canadian Tire in Guelph had to be evacuated on Sunday after a fire caught inside the store.

Guelph police media relations coordinator Scott Tracey told Narcity that they received a call at 9:53 a.m. on. Sunday "about a possible fire inside the Canadian Tire store."

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"Kill it with fire!" It's the phrase you're bound to see every time someone shares a creepy spider picture on the internet — and it's the phrase that one man seemingly took to heart in Colorado.

A 39-year-old is facing arson charges after he admitted to accidentally setting his mom's home on fire in Boulder County on Monday, CBS Denver reports.

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Ontario Police Are 'Disappointed' People Recorded A Car Crash Instead Of Calling 911

Two teens made it out of the crash and are in serious condition.

Huronia West OPP

Huronia West OPP says they are "disappointed" that witnesses of a car crash chose to film the incident instead of calling 911.

Two teens driving in a vehicle on October 31 crashed into a tree and their car "burst into flames," according to a news release.

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Ontario Woman Who Lit Toilet Paper Fire In A Walmart Was In 'Black Out State' From Alcohol

Her lawyer says she was in a "black out state from alcohol consumption."

The 42-year-old Kitchener woman who set a fire inside the Sunrise Centre Walmart last month "pleaded guilty" to arson on October 26.

The woman's defence lawyer, Hal Mattson, told Narcity she "pleaded guilty to the arson at the Walmart" and that "her position is that she was in a blackout state from alcohol consumption."

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