This Bhangra Dance Party With BC Police Was Like A Real Life Musical (VIDEO)

Straight out of "Footloose."
BC Police Danced Bhangra And It Was Just Like A Real Life Musical (VIDEO)

Everyone needs to unwind sometimes with a bit of dancing; on Friday, August 14, a number of B.C. police danced in traditional Indian style.

Led by author and dancer Gurdeep Pandher, officers from all over the greater Victoria region flocked to the province's capital to show off their moves.

Bhangra is a folk dance originally from the Punjab region to celebrate the harvest season, according to CNN, and this dance party looked like you'd wandered onto the set of a musical.

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"We are proud to embrace the joy of dancing Bhangra with Gurdeep, and to share his message of unity, diversity and inclusion through dance," wrote Victoria Police in a press release.

Pandher's sweet moves have taken him across the country, where videos of his dancing have netted him hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.