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We Tried A Bunch Of YETI Products & Here's Why We're Completely Obsessed With Them

10/10 would get again. 😍

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We Tried A Bunch Of YETI Products & Here's Why We're Completely Obsessed With Them

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Prior to testing out a few YETI products, we had already heard the hype about their super high-quality tumblers and coolers. This month, we decided to put them to the test to find out if they're actually worth the price tag.

We tried the YETI 18-Ounce Rambler With Hotshot Cap, YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler and the YETI Crossroads 60-Litre Duffel Bag. The verdict? We're really impressed with the durability, practicality and style of each product.

Whether you're thinking about purchasing a YETI product for yourself or picking one up as a holiday gift, you won't be disappointed — especially when it comes to the items we got to try.

Brittany's Review: YETI Rambler With Hotshot Cap

Brittany Barber | Narcity Media

Price: $39.99

Details: I've owned plenty of tumblers and reusable coffee cups, but the one thing that always disappoints me is the lid. Even if it seals shut, I always end up with dribbles of leftover coffee in whatever bag I'm using to carry it in. So, when I read about this particular rambler and its leak-proof lid, I had to give it a try.

The verdict? 10/10! The lid is actually leak-proof, no matter how careless I am with my bag. With just a twist, you can unlock the seal and take a sip from any side of the lid — which is great when I'm driving and can't look down to figure out where I'm supposed to put my mouth! It's also fantastic at keeping my coffee piping hot, which is a particular bonus for me because I tend to sip on the same cup for a few hours.

$39.99 On YETI

Justyn's Review: YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler

Justyn Pellizzari | Narcity Media

Price: $399.99

Details: There's nothing quite like pulling out an ice-cold beverage from a cooler on a hot summer's day. When I got the YETI cooler, I decided to test how long ice would last before fully melting — and boy did this thing deliver! 48 hours later and the cooler is still ice cold, with about 30% ice and 70% ice water.

It's on the more expensive side, but it's definitely built to last with extra-thick walls, a never-fail hinge and heavy-duty rubber latches to keep it shut tight. It makes for a great long-term investment piece you can use for years of camping, boating or a relaxing day on the dock.

$399.99 On YETI

May's Review: YETI Crossroad 60-litre Duffel Bag

May Ning | Narcity Media

Price: $329.99

Details: I've been searching near and far for the perfect weekend bag and this YETI duffel is the perfect size for short trips where I don't feel like lugging around a full suitcase. I love that it has two dividers (which are removable) so you can section off your items like shoes and toiletries and so many extra pockets. It also has handles on the top and sides, and comes with a longer strap so you can carry it whatever way is most comfortable for you.

While it's not completely waterproof, the nylon exterior is definitely easier to clean than most fabrics.

If you're looking for more of an everyday bag for the gym or even just an overnight stay, I'd recommend the 40-litre duffle bag ($249.99) instead. YETI's website states that the 60-litre bag is a checked bag and the 40-litre can work as a carry-on if you're travelling by air.

$329.99 On YETI

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