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Manitoba Has Officially Pulled Ahead As Canada's Leader In COVID-19 Case Rates

Manitoba and Alberta are leading the country by a landslide.

While Alberta has been leading the country in COVID-19 case rates, another province has just pulled ahead. The COVID-19 situation in Manitoba has led the region to surpass Alberta and become the province with the highest per capita cases as of Sunday, May 16.

Case rates are based on the number of cases per 100,000 people. Over the past seven days, Alberta's case rate was 230 whereas Manitoba's was 232. In comparison, Ontario's rate over the past week was 115 and Quebec's was only 60.

Case rates over the last seven days, updated on May 16.Health Canada

In Manitoba's most recent provincial update on May 16, 532 new cases and four new deaths were reported.

The current response level in the province has been labelled "Critical," which means "Community spread of COVID-19 is not contained and/or there are significant strains on our health care system."

While Ontario is still leading the country in new cases, Manitoba and Alberta are seeing far more when it comes to case numbers per 100,000 people.