Manitoba Dished Out $78k In Fines To COVID-19 Rule-Breakers In Just One Week

From breaking quarantine to indoor house parties, it was a hectic week.

Photos of Winnipeg police car and downtown Winnipeg
Toronto Associate Editor

Manitoba's COVID-19 restrictions have been in the "critical" response level since Thursday, November 12, and according to the provincial government, some non-essential travel is prohibited as are large gatherings both indoors and outdoors.

While these health measures have been in place for months, local enforcement recently doled out $78,000 worth in tickets in just one week.

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From Monday, April 26, to Sunday, May 2, the Manitoba provincial government reported that police gave out nearly 60 tickets to locals and businesses as part of the enforcement of COVID-19 measures.

Over half of those tickets were given to people who hosted indoor and outdoor gatherings and another nine tickets were given to those who failed to self-isolate when they were supposed to. These tickets came out to $1,296 each.

An additional 12 tickets of nearly $300 each were given to people who weren't wearing their masks while indoors in public places.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor