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You Can Elevate Your Healthcare Career Surrounded By North Vancouver Island's Natural Beauty

From urban hustle to island harmony

You Can Elevate Your Healthcare Career Surrounded By North Vancouver Island's Natural Beauty
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Courtesy of Brian L. Oren H, Stephen C. | Island Health employees

Have you ever envisioned swapping the relentless pace of urban life for the serene embrace of island charm? Experience North Vancouver Island's rural living at its finest. Immerse yourself in a setting that blends professional growth with nature's wonders.

Island Health has available positions in leadership, nursing, physicians, pharmacy, clerical administration, laboratory, mental health and substance use, food service, therapy and rehab, protection services, transportation, and many more.

But life on North Vancouver Island isn't solely about your noble vocation. Enveloped by the captivating landscapes of the island, you're positioned to explore a multitude of outdoor pursuits. Imagine wrapping up a fulfilling day of work and stepping out to the lure of mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, or even golfing. It's not just a job; it's a lifestyle! Join their health-care community and experience firsthand the unparalleled blend of work and leisure that only the North Vancouver Island region can offer.

Healthcare workers

Where: Port Hardy, Port Alice, Port McNeill and Alert Bay

Company: Island Health

Who Should Apply: Relocate to one of Canada's picturesque havens and transform your aspirations of leaving city life behind and embracing nature and a close-knit community by seizing these opportunities. Nursing roles may qualify for financial incentives and relocation support.

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