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10 Popular Brand Names You're Probably Saying Wrong & How To Pronounce Them

Are you saying "Nutella" correctly?

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10 Popular Brand Names You're Probably Saying Wrong & How To Pronounce Them

Ever Google a popular brand because you just have no idea how to say it? Yeah, we're with you on that one!

Whether it's jalapeño (ha-la-pen-yo) or espresso (eh-spreh-so), words can be difficult. But much like words, brands can also be difficult to say — we're looking at you Chipotle (chip-oht-lay) and Audi (ow-dee).

Preply, an online language tutor platform, scoured through search data and came up with this list of the most Googled brands that are mispronounced.

“A brand that is easy to pronounce is also important. You don’t want a name that’s going to be mispronounced as this is just going to cause confusion amongst customers," said Daniele Saccardi of Preply in a press release.

Check out some of the words below!


"Ah-dee-das", because we know you've been eyeing that tracksuit but feel like you aren't active enough to justify it. Why not wear it around the house?


"Szee-vohn-she". You might have seen this designer brand at your favourite department store! Now you can impress all your friends with this new fancy word that you've added to your vocabulary.


"Ehr-mez". This one goes out to our iPhone fans. Ever look online for a new case for your phone and see the French leather case for a couple hundred bucks? That's Hermès, one of the oldest artisanal leather companies in the world. If you can think of the accessory, they have it.


"HYUN-day" unfortunately isn't the hardest word when pronouncing their catalogue of cars, but that's a story for another day.


"Eee-KEH-Yah", home of the famed Swedish meatballs. We'd say this store is a guilty pleasure of ours, but we don't feel guilty about it at all


"Nai-key", known for it's signature checkmark, we're not exactly sure why it's pronounced like this.


"New-tell-uh", a delicacy amongst children and chocolate lover alike. Nuff said.


"Puh-joh". This French car company started in 1810. While it's unfortunate that people have been mispronouncing it for the last 200 years, at least we can say it now!


"Por-shuh". The dream car of many dads across the world. While they're expensive, boy does that engine purr.


"Ver-sach-eh" is a fashion staple across the globe. This might just be a refresher lesson for some.

Now that we know how to say these words, we're going to go eat some "new-tell-uh" by the spoonful to treat ourselves!

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