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You Should Avoid These Super Busy Canada Flights If You Want A Row All To Yourself

The routes were ranked as some of the busiest in North America right now!

You Should Avoid These Super Busy Canada Flights If You Want A Row All To Yourself

If you don't like planes packed with people when you travel, you might want to avoid these Canada flights!

According to a new report on the world's busiest international flight routes in October from OAG, an organization that provides insight on airports and airlines, three routes with stops in Canada are some of the busiest in North America.

When it comes to the top 10 busiest international routes by region based on how many seats there are on flights, New York La Guardia-Toronto is the third busiest route in North America, with 64,036 seats.

After that, the other routes that include Canadian airports are Paris CDG-Montreal in ninth with 44,814 seats, and Chicago O'Hare-Toronto in 10th with 44,598 seats.

The busiest route in North America right now is New York JFK-London Heathrow, with 82,563 seats.

Recently, Toronto Pearson Airport placed second to last in a ranking of consumer satisfaction at mega airports in North America that was voted on by travellers.

Pearson Airport Says To Arrive Early As Some Passengers Are Experiencing Longer Wait Times

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There have been several updates to Canada's travel rules and it's apparently taking a toll on some travellers going through Toronto Pearson Airport this week.

On December 2, Alejandro Mayoral Banos shared a picture on Twitter of long, winding lines at the airport and called Pearson a “total nightmare”.

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Toronto Pearson Airport really does have your pets' back(sides) covered.

In a tweet shared on November 4, Pearson said they are "lending a helping paw" to your furry friends by giving them their very own bathrooms at the airport.

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Pearson Airport Wants Flyers To Know These Things When Travel Rules Change Soon

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With all of the major travel changes that are taking off within the next month, Narcity reached out to Pearson Airport to ask what its plans are, and what flyers can do to best prepare for travelling.

The first changes come into effect on October 30, when all travellers departing from Canadian airports will have to be fully vaccinated in order to travel. But the bulk of the rules are set to update in November, when fully vaccinated Canadians can travel to the U.S. for non-essential purposes, and when Canada's vaccine passport for international travel will officially be required.

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Toronto's Pearson Airport is about to get a little busier this winter holiday season, as WestJet is relaunching some of its sunnier flight destinations for those who are itching to run away from the cold.

On October 25, WestJet announced that on top of bringing back 95 destinations for all Canadian travellers, they will also be boosting the "sun service" out of the 6ix.

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