To infinity and beyond! The Royal Mint sent a very special coin into space – in honour of one of “Britain's most enduring musical icons.”

In a release shared on Monday, December 7, the Mint confirmed that a commemorative David Bowie coin had reached 35,656 metres and orbited the Earth's atmosphere for 45 minutes.

According to their statement, the act was to celebrate the singer-songwriter’s life and “intergalactic legacy.”

The company even shared a video to their social media accounts, documenting the coin’s journey from Earth into space.

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This coin was designed to “celebrate rock's definitive chameleon” by featuring the artist’s iconic lightning bolt motif.

Special edition versions even include a lightning bolt that appears to be “laced with stardust to create a glitter effect.”

The special token is one of three coins in The Royal Mint’s “Music Legends” collection.

The "Loving The Alien" and "Lady Stardust" singer joins Queen and Elton John, who were both honoured with a similar commemorative piece.

Some of Bowie’s biggest hits include "Starman," "Life on Mars?" and "Space Oddity." 

What a fitting tribute, eh?