A New Study Says Canadians Are Leaving The Largest 'Lifestyle Carbon Footprint' & Here's Why

New research has found that Canada comes in at an unenviable first place when it comes to a certain climate change category that we definitely don't want to lead in.

According to a report by 1.5 Degree Lifestyles, Canada has the highest average lifestyle carbon footprint out of all the countries analyzed.

1.5 Degree Lifestyles

The Great White North surpasses every other country in this study in every category in terms of average lifestyle carbon footprint which includes food, housing, transport, goods, and leisure and services.

"The average Canadian has a food carbon footprint of 2,270 kg (CO₂e per year), of which meat products comprise 61%," said the study. "The highest contributor to this is beef, which, despite contributing only one-third of the total meat consumption, has a high carbon intensity contributing 72% to the footprint of meat."

The study also notes that transport contributes 35% of the average Canadian's annual carbon footprint, most of which is caused by driving cars.

Coming up with the next highest average lifestyle carbon footprint is Finland, followed by the United Kingdom. Indonesia came in the tenth and final spot, leaving the lowest lifestyle carbon footprint.*

"The world is sorely in need of visions that can inspire and guide us to a sustainable future civilization," said the report. "Visions need to show opportunities to meet needs differently – through satisfiers that are less resource and carbon-intensive."

*This article has been updated.

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