A Newcomer To Canada Shared His Funny Reaction To Halloween & Why He Was Scared (VIDEOS)

"One day while walking I saw a skull on my neighbour's land." 💀

TikToker makhnachov looking around. Right: A fake skull.

TikToker makhnachov looking around. Right: A fake skull.

While many people who grew up in Canada have fond memories of Halloween, for those who are new to the country, it might be something of a novelty.

TikToker @makhnachov, whose name is Andrian Makhnachov, shared an amusing story of what he thought at first might have been a murder.

"Things that surprise me in Canada," the voiceover on his TikTok said. "One day while walking I saw a skull on my neighbour's land. I got scared and called my brother. He said that there are many murders in Canada and it is not surprising."

While that of course would be unsettling, his brother shared that he was kidding.

"Then he said that I'm stupid because it's a Halloween decoration," he continued. "I didn't even know that Halloween is so seriously celebrated in Canada. In Ukraine we don't even talk about such a holiday."

He then asked people to tell him more about the spooky day.

"I hope someone will invite me to a Halloween party," he said in conclusion.


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In another TikTok, he shared his trip to a Halloween store.

"You really go out in the evening with these bags and ask for candy?" he asked.

He then shared that while people think he looks like Harry Potter, the costume was too pricey but he bought some cheaper stuff to play around with. Should still be fun!


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The TikToker also recently celebrated another first in Canada: Thanksgiving.

After learning that it's something we do in the country, he went over to Dollarama to check out the seasonal items.

"When I first entered, I immediately saw many beautiful things," Andrian said. "Honestly, I don't know how Canadians celebrate it and what they cook on this day."

In honour of the event, he picked up some cute cards for his neighbours. How sweet!

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Sarah Rohoman
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