A TikToker Got A Random Text Telling Her To Take A DNA Test & It Changed Her Life 'Forever'

"I called my mom immediately, saying, 'What the f*ck?'"

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The TikToker recalling the story in her videos.

The TikToker recalling the story in her videos.

Imagine waking up one day to discover that everything you know about your family has basically been a lie, and finding out only because of a single text.

That’s exactly what happened to one TikToker who recently shared her earth-shattering story on the platform, where her video has piled up over 9 million views.

TikToker Lane describes the text message as one that “changed [her] life forever,” and people are calling her story “wild.”

According to Lane, she received a mysterious text message on January 9 from an unknown contact who set her on a path to discovering that she was the product of a secret affair.

“Hi Lane~ This is not a spam message," the text read. "I think it’s really important that you take a DNA test from ancestry.com and review your DNA matches. Good luck.”

Lane asked, “who is this?” The contact replied: “I wish I could say, but it’s best to just let you do the test. Were you able to do it yet?”

At first, Lane suspected it was fake, but she showed it to a friend who said she had a "gut" feeling that it was worth exploring.

Lane couldn't get any more info out of the mystery person so she called her mom.

"I called my mom immediately, saying, 'What the f*ck?'”


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Her mom eventually spilled the beans.

"She said 'I know exactly what you’re talking about. I had an affair,'" Lane says, quoting her mom, in the video. "I almost fell off my f*cking chair."

Then she got the real story.

“She had an affair with a guy 10 years younger than her when she was in college,” Lane says in the video. “They went away for like a weekend or something, but it was a one-time thing. He even saw her on campus and said, 'Is that mine?' And she denied it."

Lane said she grew up with a fake story from her mother, who said her father was a cheater and she was an alcoholic, which led to them separating when Lane was nine years old.

She says she had no idea that the man who raised her was not her biological dad.

Lane claims she ordered an Ancestry test immediately after this confession. After waiting six weeks for her results, she "found out that yes, this man [was her] father. This stranger."

She immediately messaged him and found out that he's a Brit living in California, and that he learned her name from a Christmas card her mom sent him when Lane was only two years old.

"He’s Googled my name ever since, and in 2007 my name popped up. He saw a picture of me, and he knew immediately that I was his daughter," Lane says in the video. "He emailed my mom wanting to get in contact with me, and she denied it and kind of threatened him."

Lane says her mom threatened to hurt herself if Lane's bio dad ever revealed the truth to her.

"So what did he do? He followed me on social media my entire life. He watched me date my boyfriend, get married, have babies, everything, all from the outside, not able to know me."

She even saw a picture of her biological father, and the resemblance "freaked [her] the f*ck out."

People had a lot of questions in the comments, so Lane made a few follow-up videos.

In part 2, she shared how her dad watched her grow up from a distance after her mom denied him permission to reach out to her. When she went to beauty school in California, he would drive past her workplace and even called her to ask what time they closed just to hear her voice.

"He was even going to come for a haircut, but his wife talked him out of it. She was convinced I would recognize him," Lane says in the video.

In the video, she also clarified who sent the text message and shared that "it was actually his brother’s son who has a similar story to me... and didn’t want me to go through that."


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Lane says the whole saga "destroyed" her relationship with her mom, whom she used to consider her "soulmate."

“You can imagine that a secret of this magnitude requires a lot of lying and betrayal and manipulation to keep it up for this long,” Lane explained in the video.

People in the comment section commended Lane’s dad for loving her from a distance.

One user commented: “The fact that this man loved you so much from afar. Breaks my heart a little!”

In part 3, Lane says she eventually met up with her biological dad and that it didn’t go as she had expected.

She expected a warm welcome but felt let down when that didn’t happen.

"Coming from a broken family, there’s this hole inside of me. I guess I was hoping that he was going to fix me. I really tried to go into it with an open mind and low expectations," Lane shared.

"I imagine how I would get my long lost child and be like, 'You are so beautiful; let me look at your face,' but he was not like that. I felt sort of insecure. There was not a lot of eye contact. I felt like he was not interested in what I had to say. I felt like I was stupid. I felt like he didn’t like me."


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Lane says she felt even worse when she saw how he interacted with his other children.

However, people in the comment section reassured Lane and suggested that her father was probably just "nervous to meet her.

"He is British, it takes a while to open [up]," wrote one user. "Give yourself and him time. He clearly wants to know you. Just enjoy the roller coaster."

Lane replied to that, saying, "I think you’re right. It’s not a normal situation, either. They don’t make a handbook for this."

She also clarified that her mom was a 35-year-old teacher and her dad was a 25-year-old student when she was conceived, so nothing illegal went down.

It’s safe to say Lane’s story is pretty wild!

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