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A TikToker Revealed What's In Chanel's $825 Advent Calendar & People Are Not Impressed

The calendar includes everything from mini-lipsticks to… stickers?

Global Staff Writer
A TikToker Revealed What's In Chanel's $825 Advent Calendar & People Are Not Impressed

Chanel just released its very first limited-edition advent calendar to mark the 100th anniversary of its famous perfume, N°5, and things are already off to a rocky start.

The pricey advent calendar is filled with all sorts of makeup, perfumes and trinkets, but critics say not all of them are created equal.

TikToker Elise Harmon decided to do several unboxing videos showing her viewers all the gifts she would receive from her $825 Chanel advent calendar, worth CA$1,044.

She was not impressed.


Elise on TikTok

"Am I crazy?" the TikToker asked in her first video. "Absolutely, but I've never seen a Chanel advent calendar, so let's see if it's worth the hype."

In her first unboxing video, Harmon gave Chanel a 10/10 for its calendar packaging, but her excitement quickly turned to disappointment when she opened the first gift.

It was a sheet of Chanel-themed stickers, and it did not impress Harmon one bit.

"This is a joke!" she said in the video. "Stickers?"

Other unboxing videos show similarly underwhelming gifts, including an empty dust bag, a keychain, a magnet, a mirror, a pin, a bookmark, a paperweight, temporary tattoos and a Chanel flipbook.

Although a lot of the gifts were underwhelming, to say the least, there were some treasures scattered among them.

Harmon was ecstatic to receive a few mini lipsticks, a hand cream, a full-sized nail polish and a small bottle of Chanel perfume.

However, the real question is whether all of it was worth the price tag.

Harmon's review videos have been watched millions of times on TikTok, and she claims that even Chanel took notice.

"Chanel just blocked me," she said in a recent video.

Chanel denied blocking anyone in a statement to the New York Times, and Harmon says she can now access their account on TikTok again.

Chanel has since come out with a statement addressing the backlash they have received because of the advent calendar.

“This controversy is a bit of a shame because it was not what Chanel intended,” Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion and Chanel SAS, said in a statement to WWD.

“Chanel thought it would please some of its customers by offering this type of product. Evidently, we see that you have to be careful and therefore, in future, we will certainly be much more cautious.”

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