Canada Actually Has Multiple Places With No Active COVID-19 Cases Right Now

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Active COVID-19 Cases In Canada Are Actually At Zero In Some Places
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While some areas of the country are being hit hard by the second wave of the pandemic, some are actually faring quite well. When it comes to active COVID-19 cases in Canada, a couple of places have zero right now. However, most parts of the country have at least one person currently dealing with the virus.

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Are there any entire provinces or territories without active cases?

According to data from the federal government, only one region in Canada has no active COVID-19 cases as of the update on November 27 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

That place is the Northwest Territories.

The territory's first case of COIVD-19 came in the middle of March and active case numbers hit a peak of five at the beginning of April.

From April 20 to October 21, there was not a single active case there.

After that though, the numbers started going up and peaked at five again on November 13. 

Since November 24, the active case count has been at zero.

What about regions within provinces?

While Northwest Territories is the only entire province or territory to have no active cases right now, there are some spots within provinces without any either.

According to provincial data, the Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority in Newfoundland & Labrador along with the Miramichi area, Edmundston area and Campbellton area in New Brunswick have no active cases as of November 27.

Data from the federal government shows that the Région du Nunavik in Quebec and the Eastern zone in Nova Scotia had case counts of zero recently.

However, there could still be people in those places who are still actively dealing with COVID-19.

On November 25, Algoma was the only place in Ontario with no active cases but that has since changed.

As of 12:00 p.m. ET on November 27, there are three people currently battling COVID-19 in that region.

What's the COVID-19 situation nationally right now?

On November 27, Canada reported 5,967 new COVID-19 cases which bring the national total throughout the pandemic to 359,064.

There have been 11,894 deaths, 286,504 recoveries and 11,262,041 tests completed.

Dr. Theresa Tam spoke that same day and said this is our "window of opportunity" to avoid the 10,000 daily cases in December that were projected.

Justin Trudeau also gave a COVID-19 update and said that most Canadians should be vaccinated by September 2021.

He noted that this will be the "biggest immunization" in the country's history.

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