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Air Canada Is Making Vaccines Mandatory For Workers & They Won’t Even Hire Unvaxxed People

If you want a job with Air Canada anytime soon, you'll need to get vaccinated. ✈️

Air Canada Is Introducing A Mandatory Vaccination Policy For All Workers

Air Canada is introducing a mandatory vaccination policy for all of its employees if they want to be part of the team.

A release from the airline states that all employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and disclose their status by October 30, 2021.

Air Canada is also making full vaccinations a condition for new hires, so if you're not vaxxed, you won't be able to work at the company.

"The decision to require all employees of Air Canada mainline, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Vacations to be fully vaccinated and report their vaccination status is another initiative to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees and customers," reads the release.

Unlike other organizations that have vaccination policies in place, Air Canada said a negative COVID-19 test will not be used as an alternative to proof of vaccination.

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Canada's Vaccine Advisory Committee Says Booster Doses Can Now Be Offered To Everyone Over 18

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The National Advisory Committee on Immunization has officially updated guidance on the use of COVID-19 booster doses in Canada to include everyone over the age of 18 years old.

On December 3, the committee released new recommendations on who should and can be offered another dose in Canada based on current scientific evidence and expert opinion.

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The National Advisory Committee on Immunization has recommended a booster dose of COVID-19 for people over the age of 50.

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Ontario is now offering a select number of single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines starting on Thursday.

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