An Airbnb Host Walked In On OnlyFans Creators At His Rental & The TikTok Video Is So Awkward

They said they were doing yoga 🧘🏻♀️😬

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Isla Moon. Right: Moon's friends at their Airbnb rental.

Isla Moon. Right: Moon's friends at their Airbnb rental.

An OnlyFans creator says she and her friends were just about to make some adult content at an Airbnb rental when the owner walked in, and her TikTok video of the encounter is just so uncomfortable.

Isla Moon says not only did her Airbnb host walk in without giving her a heads up, but she also claims that he'd been monitoring the room without telling her.

She explains the whole awkward incident in a series of videos on TikTok, beginning with one that captures the moment after the host walked in.

"The Airbnb host came in unannounced while we were in full production," said the caption over the video, which has been watched over 7 million times.

She says her group quickly tried to pretend they were doing yoga, but the host didn't believe them.

Our Airbnb host coming in unannounced

Moon tried to film the interaction discretely, so we mostly see the floor in the video and some of what they are saying in the background.

There were mentions of cops being called and the host telling them that he's "not trying to be a d*ck."

Naturally, her millions of viewers asked for a storytime, so Moon delivered just that.

"If you're new here, I do certain things for a living with my friends, and we booked an Airbnb to be able to make TikToks together," she said in the video. "Other times, it's other things, but this time it was only for TikToks."

Her TikTok account shows she does indeed make teasers for her NSFW content on OnlyFans.

She then explained that before the host showed up, the neighbours had already complained about her group's noise level and had called the police on them the previous night.

Replying to @nskye69 my tiktok got on the news 😳

The next day, the "host showed up and said, 'show me your yoga mats.'"


She says her group tried to keep the yoga ruse going, but he told them he didn't believe it, and said that he knew they weren't partying because he checked on the cameras. He ultimately left without kicking them out.

However, people in the comments section were quick to point out that the camera thing is a red flag.

"Excuse me… watching the cameras???!!," wrote one user under the video.

Moon followed up on that to say that she and her friends looked around after the host left, and they found what every Airbnb guest fears: hidden cameras and recording devices.

"We started off by looking outside the Airbnb, and we found a bunch of cameras," shared Moon. "but that's fine. They're allowed to do the cameras on the outside."

Replying to @jazmynravaee the hosts were watching the cameras

"Inside the Airbnb, we found recording devices," added Moon. "They could hear what was going on…the whole time."

To make matters worse, the outside cameras were apparently pointed at the windows on the property.

"The host was telling us 'I was looking at the cameras,' so that means that they were looking at what was going on inside, and they could hear what was going on too," she said.

People in the comment section quickly pointed out that Airbnb has rules against concealed recording devices, and that hosts are supposed to disclose whatever is present.

"That's helllla illegal unless it was disclosed in the description," wrote one user.

It's unclear if she said anything to Airbnb itself.

However, people are taking the whole thing as a warning to watch out for cameras next time you're at an Airbnb!

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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