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A Stripper Broke Down How Much Money She Makes & It's Pretty Stunning For 2 Nights A Week

"So close to six figures, it's not even fair."

The TikToker wearing a blue wig. Right: The TikToker wearing a yellow wig.

The TikToker wearing a blue wig. Right: The TikToker wearing a yellow wig.

Global Staff Writer

If you're looking for a way to make tens of thousands of dollars per year while working only twice a week, then becoming a stripper might be the answer.

An Australian stripper revealed on TikTok how much money she makes in a year from dancing, and her earnings are truly stunning— especially when you factor in that she only worked about 90 days of the year.

TikToker @mikifromtheclub shared a thorough breakdown of every dollar she's made from stripping in the past year, and the video's already climbed over 3.1 million views.

"Have you guys ever wondered how much spicy dancers make in a year?" the TikToker asks in the video.


I can break down some more statistics if people are interested too! #skrippa #perth #spreadsheet #finance #financetiktok #money #moneytok #PepsiApplePieChallenge

"Lucky for you, the financial year has just ended, and I happen to keep a spreadsheet of literally every single dollar I made on literally every single night," she continued.

According to her very thorough-looking spreadsheet, she made a whopping $98,033 for 93 days of work. That's less than two days of work a week!

"So close to six figures, it's not even fair," the TikToker gushed in the video.

Her one-year take home works out to about CA $87,593 or US $68,205, for those trying to do the math at home.

Her stripping log is very thorough, and she says she even logged the outfit and wig she wore on each day, just to see if she can narrow down which wig earns the most.

"The average amount I made each night that I worked was just over $1,000, which sounds really good, but the scope on that is huge," she continues.

"The worst night I had this year was $65, and the best night I had this year was $3,410. So when you ask a stripper how much they make, and they go, 'it really depends,' they're not f*cking kidding."

She even presented a graph that showed her earnings each night, and from the looks of it, she made way more earlier in the year.

According to the TikToker, "things went downhill" later in the fiscal year.

She also clarified that she does pay taxes on all the dollars she makes while stripping and although it "sucks," it's not bad because she still takes home around $80,000 after tax.

The TikToker ended the video by saying she "can't wait for the comment section on this one."

As she suspected, commenters did not hold back. Some were stunned by her earning power, while others were just curious about her top-earning wig.

"Now I'm really curious how the colour of your hair influences the income!!" the top commenter said.

"We need the wig data … please…." commented another user.

Miki eventually responded to the question with a second video and revealed that her long fluorescent yellow wig is the big money-maker.


#PepsiApplePieChallenge Reply to @aiksas90 Fluro hair for the win #wig #statistics #spicydancer #skrippa #skripper #stripecloob #finance #financetok

Another person commented: "Damn, and I'm here working every day of the week; I should become a spicy dancer."

Honestly, I can't help but think the same.

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