If you’ve been missing movie nights with your BFFs during the pandemic, this could change everything! Amazon Prime Video’s “Watch Party” just landed in Canada and you can enjoy TV with your friends without even having to leave your home.

The new service allows up to 100 different people (with separate accounts) to join a “watch party” for their favourite movie or TV series.

Those attending can stream content in real-time together, while communicating via the service’s interactive chat feature.

It’s similar to an add-on that Netflix Canada unveiled earlier this year.

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It’s a great way to enjoy new titles and holiday classics with friends and family this winter. Amazon Spokesperson

In an email confirmation shared with Narcity, a spokesperson revealed the new service is now active in Canada and it’s available at no extra cost to those with an existing Prime membership.

To get started, all you need to do is click on the “Watch Party” icon which can be found on your desktop screen on Amazon Video for movies (or in the episode list for TV shows.)

Host a party by setting up your name and inviting your friends via an online link. The host can play, pause, and skip the content on behalf of everyone in the group.

Introducing Watch Party, the streaming platform described it as a “social viewing experience” and it’s particularly useful this year.

It comes just weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a normal Christmas is “out of the question” this year, due to the ongoing pandemic.

While we may not be able to watch Christmas movies and festive favourites together this year, services like these could be the next best thing!