Amber Heard Wants Johnny Depp's Trial Win Tossed Out & Her Lawyers Say $10M Is 'Excessive'

It's not over yet 👀

Amber Heard in court. Right: Johnny Depp leaving court.
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Amber Heard in court. Right: Johnny Depp leaving court.

Courtesy of Court TV

Amber Heard might've lost her court battle against ex-husband Johnny Depp, but she's not ready to accept it yet.

Heard's lawyers have officially asked a judge to throw out the jury verdict that sided with Depp in early June, saying the jury wasn't vetted properly and that the $10.35 million she was ordered to pay is "excessive."

Lawyers for Heard, 36, filed a post-trial motion to dismiss Depp's lawsuit and order a new trial on Friday, documents show.

It's the latest twist in the Depp v. Heard case, which played out in front of cameras over a six-week period earlier this year. Depp ultimately convinced a jury that Heard defamed him with a 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she claimed to be a "public figure representing domestic abuse."

Heard never mentioned Depp by name in that piece, but his lawyers convinced the jury that it clearly pointed to him anyway. The jury ended up siding with Depp on all three parts of his defamation case against Heard, awarding him $15 million in damages as a result. The judge later knocked that down to $10.35 million.

Heard counter-sued in the case and won $2 million in damages for convincing the jury of one part of her case.

Both actors had accused one another of abuse during their relationship, which ended in divorce in 2016.

Now, her lawyers argue that Depp did not back up his claims of defamation with evidence, and they want a judge to toss the whole thing out and order a new trial for Heard's claims.

"Instead, the evidence overwhelmingly supported Ms. Heard believed she was the victim of abuse at the hands of Mr. Depp," they wrote in the motion.

Heard's lawyers also want the judge to look into how the jury was selected. They claim there was a "discrepancy" with one juror's date of birth and that it points to possible issues in how the jury was vetted.

The two sides were given a few weeks to try to reach a settlement that would knock Heard's final bill down a bit, but they failed to do so by their June 24 deadline.

Her lawyers have already signalled that she can't pay the amount she owes and that she would likely appeal.

Depp's team hasn't commented on the motion yet, the Associated Press reports.

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