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A 5th Night Of Protests In Atlanta Ends With 52 Arrests

Bringing the total to over 350.

There have been active demonstrations against racism and police brutality the last few days, as protests in Atlanta continue. Protesters in Metro Atlanta gathered downtown on Tuesday, June 2. Streets were crowded from the afternoon into the evening with a mandatory curfew starting at 9:00 p.m. The night ended with many arrests, bringing the total to over 350 since Friday.

Governor Brian Kemp held a press conference yesterday afternoon to provide a COVID-19 update, mentioning the protests in his briefing.

"Let me be clear, I am outraged that Georgians are now in harm's way because some are using this moment to riot, to loot, and to compromise the safety of our citizens," said Kemp. "We will do whatever is necessary to keep the peace."

"That being said, I still have hope that we can emerge from this stronger than ever before and more united than ever before."

AJC reported hundreds of residents kneeled and protested peacefully, chanting "No Justice, No Peace. No racist police" in Centennial Olympic Park around 4:00 p.m.

Atlanta Police, Georgia State Patrol, and the Georgia National Guard were present throughout the event.

Protesters assembled at the Capital around 8 p.m. Multiple armored vehicles surrounded and fired chemical agents to disperse the crowd.

Coverage from AJC, as well as accounts from Twitter users, state that as the crowds were tear-gassed they chanted, "we are not armed."

While some protesters in attendance remained peaceful, a video surfaced on Twitter showing other protesters throwing water bottles at police in the street as the city's curfew drew closer.

When the curfew hit, the police department started arresting those who wouldn't leave Centennial Olympic Park. It was announced this morning, June 3, that 52 arrests were made.

The curfew has since been extended from 9 p.m. tonight to sunrise tomorrow morning, June 4. An 8 p.m. to sunrise curfew has also been announced for Atlanta through the weekend starting Friday, June 5, continuing through Sunday, June 7.

Exceptions apply to people who are working, seeking medical help, first responders, and those who are homeless.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has been keeping up with information surrounding protests around Atlanta, posting regular updates.